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Shake it all up with the ~Island Coconut~

Posted by Claire Ward on
Shake it all up with the ~Island Coconut~

Good morning Readers, 

Yesterday we talked about the cozy scent of Mountain Grove and we hope you enjoyed feeling like you were in a cabin in Aspen. Today we are gonna take you away to a tropical island. 

Our Island Coconut Candle will take your mind to paradise in your own home. This scent is filled with exotic tropical oils that will make you feel like you are having your own vacay. 

It is lime, cognac, fennel, and clove leaf essential oils all relax you to take your mind away from all of your stress. Keep reading more to find out how each of these essential oils can be so beneficial for your health. 

Our Island Coconut scent carries a strong coconut scent. We use coconut oil in all of our candles but the scent really carries out in this specific one. Because we use so much coconut oil let me talk to you today about all of its benefits! Coconut oil is amazing for your skin care and is known for extreme hydrating. It may support brain heath and sooth your mind. It can reduce inflammation which can help ward off colds. 

When you hear lime on a tropical island you might think of yourself sipping on a large margarita. Lime essential oils are known just like lemon oils to be antioxidants and other health benefits. Lime is known for relieving respiratory disorders like the common cold or flu. 

Like the lime essential oil, clover leaf is also an antioxidant that can act as an immune system booster that can help with coughs, colds, and sinus issues. Not only does it help treat internal issues but clove essential oils can also treat fungal infections that might be in a wound or cut. 

Fennel essential oils are originally from the fennel plant itself. This essential oil can be very helpful when dealing with all issues that relate to the gut itself. It is known to treat or relieve gas and constipation, while also treating digestive issues. There are some people that use fennel as an aid for weight loss. 


The Creative Energy Team 

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